What is the settlement cycle?

QR code settlement takes 1 working day to process. Card transactions take 1 working day(excluding bank holidays)

How to check settlement in my bank account?

Kindly check your registered bank account on the next day of the transaction under the name Cashfree.

When will I receive money in my bank account

All card transactions take 1 working day. All QR code transactions take 1 working day

Do CardSe provide instant settlements?

No, Every settlement takes 1 working day.

What if I did not receive my settlement/payout?

If any settlement takes more than 1 working day , the please share transaction details along with phone no on our Merchant support at 011-49898545 or write to us at

Got my money but not full amount of that’s day transaction.

Network Charges are deducted. Please reach out to us regarding any settlement issues at or call at 011-49898545.


What are the documents needed for signup(KYC)?

Front and back side of Aadhar card, PAN card and selfie.

Is the KYC process safe? Are my documents and photos stored securely?

Yes, we are a PCIDSS certified company the KYC process is safe and all the documents or photos are only kept for verification purposes.

How long does it take to complete KYC verification?

It takes 1-2 working days to verify the KYC documents.

Can KYC be done for minors?

No, since a PAN card is required for the KYC verification, minors cannot do KYC.

KYC mandatory for doing transactions through CardsPe?



Will CardSe app work on all smart phones ?

Currently CardSe is  available for Android only. 

What are the modes of payment in CardSe ?

There are 4 ways you can complete a payment
1. QR Code
2. Card 
Phone Scanner: Scan the debit card using the camera ;
NFC Card : Press NFC card on the back of the smartphone;
Entering card details manually with the phone

What are set up charges?

There are no charges to setup your account in the CardSe application.

Is there any monthly or annual maintenance fee charged by cardsPe?

There is no maintenance fee charged by CardSe, we only have charges per transaction.

What are the transaction charges?

The transactions charges are different for every card,
Debit card – 0.99%
Credit – 1.99%
QR code and rupay card charges – no charge
Prepaid cards- 2.19%

Is there any daily or monthly limit for doing transaction through CardsPe ?

Before KYC – Single transaction Limit– Rs. 5000 per transaction; After KYC – Single transaction Limit– Rs. 100000 per transaction; Cumulative Transaction Limit– No limit.
If the KYC is completed and approved, There is no limit on the amount of transactions but there is a limit of Rs 1 lakh per transaction otherwise.


A payment is marked as failed on my Khata but money is debited from the customer’s account.

For all settlements issues, reach out to us at and please share the screenshot of the debited amount from the customer’s app

How can I check my transactions history?

Transaction history can be viewed on the application itself. Look at the upper right side of the application.

How do I report Fraud ?

Kindly send a mail to with the transaction details as soon as you get to know about it.

Transaction is success but money doesn’t reflect in my bank account.

In such a settlement issue, reach out to us with the details at

Do I get a confirmation for payment immediately ?

No, confirmations are sent once the settlement is done in the 1 working day( excluding bank holidays)

Update Details

How can I update my details like bank account/phone number/Email ID/Address?

If you wish to delete or update your bank account , You will have to reach out to us at The Phone Number cannot be changed. E-mail and address can be changed in the profile section of the application.

What is NFC feature in CardSe?

Using an NFC enabled smartphone and card, it’s possible to receive payments by tapping the card on the back of the NFC enabled smartphones.

Contact a Merchant Support Specialist

Our Call center is available from Monday to Saturday 9:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M.

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